AVR library
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 ad9850.cAD9850 routines
 adc.cADC routines
 circbuf8.cCircular byte buffer routines. Interrupt safe
 cmt.cSimple cooperative "on-delay" multitasking
 ee_24.c24Cxxx EEPROM routines
 ee_95.cST95P08 EEPROM routines
 i2c.cI2C master routines
 lcd.cHD44780 LCD routines (high level)
 lcd_io.cHD44780 lcd driver via IO pins
 lcd_pcf8574.cHD44780 lcd driver via PCF8574
 mfrc522.cMFRC522 Mifare routines
 rtc_mcp79410.cRTC implementation with MCO79410
 rtc_timer2.cRTC implementation with AVR async Timer2
 serque.cBuffered USART routines
 spi.cSPI routines
 swi2c.cSoftware (bitbang) I2C
 swspi.cSoftware (bitbang) SPI
 time.cTime functions
 tm1637.cTM1637 8-segment LED driver routines