Is an Android app I wrote to monitor ECU parameters of my Fiat Punto MK2 1.9 JTD. It seems the OBD protocol used by the ECU (Bosch EDC15) is foreign enough that no other Android OBD app I've tested understood it. The only software that can read it is Multiecuscan. I read a lot of docs and did a little reversing on the communication between Multiecuscan and the ECU to understand what's going on.

FiECU main FiECU parameters FiECU settings FiECU comlog

From left to right:

  • Main screen. Values of parameters selected on the parameters screen will appear here.
  • Parameters screen. Select parameters to monitor.
  • Settings screen. Select Elm327 BT interface (must be previously paired).
  • Raw communication log. Used for debugging.

The BT connect when PWR connect option is used if you have a dedicated Android device installed in car for this app (like me) with the charger permanently plugged in. With this option enabled, the app will attempt to connect to the OBD interface a few seconds after charging starts (car ignition on) and disconnect a few seconds after charging stops (car ignition off).


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